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Trading terminal: cleaning MT4

Trading terminal: cleaning MT4

For successful trading in the forex market, in addition to a profitable trading strategy, a trader must have comfortable trading conditions. Their important component is the good operation of the trading terminal without freezes and other troubles. The trader downloads it from the broker’s website. And to some extent, the operation of the terminal depends on it. But it also happens that possible problems are associated with the state of the program installed on the trader’s computer. In this case, cleaning MT4 will solve the problems and speed up the operation of the trading terminal. And today I will tell you how to do it and what to pay attention to.

Removing temporary files

Removing temporary files

When working in any application, over time, a large number of temporary files will accumulate on the computer. They slow down not only the program you are using, but also the computer itself. The trading platform is no exception. Therefore, cleaning MT4 from temporary files should be carried out regularly.

Let’s find out in which folders of the program directory they can be found in order to delete them later.

To clean up garbage in MT4 in the directory, we will be interested in four folders

Go to “history” and delete files from the “mailbox” and “deleted” folders. The first of them contains the message files that we received. And in the second folder there are charts that were opened by us and then closed during the entire time of using the terminal. 

Next, go to the “logs” folder. It keeps records of all the actions that we performed. There is no need to store them, and it is better to delete such files. There are also similar folders with logs in MQL4 and tester. MQL4 saves files related to the history of robots, if a trader has used them. And in “tester” – files for testing any trading strategies using the tester built into the terminal.

And the last folder that needs to be cleaned in the trading terminal is “history” in “tester”. It also stores files related to testing the vehicle.

If a lot of files have already accumulated in these folders of the terminal, then after cleaning MT4, you can immediately notice an improvement in its performance.

Number of trading instruments and bars in history

Brokers provide their clients with a huge selection of trading instruments. You can see this if you open the “Market Watch” tab in the trading terminal. But do we all need them? As a rule, a trader trades with several trading instruments. And sometimes one currency pair is enough for him to earn. Remove unnecessary assets from the Market Watch, and the trading platform will become “easier”.

And the last thing. The charts display data on quotes for the past period, that is, historical data. If a very large number of bars in history is specified in the chart settings, then this will create an unnecessary load on the trading terminal, and it may slow down because of this. All you need to do is specify in the settings the minimum number of bars from the possible options:

Cleaning MT4 , carried out in the areas that I told you about, will increase the efficiency of the trading platform, and therefore trade.